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Yes! Our course guide and brochure can be found here. For updated dates and times for classes, please view our course calendar.

At Recovery College, everything we do is based on empowering individuals to build their resiliency on their own recovery journey.

This means that our instructors don’t lecture, but guide you through concepts. They also provide you with the space to learn about your own strengths and develop new skills. We do this by creating a supportive group experience and use discussions and activities to help you learn.

We are very welcoming, and encourage everyone to participate in the way that feels the most comfortable.

Nothing! All courses are free!

We just ask that you register for our series courses in advance.

After you register, you will receive a preliminary survey to help evaluate your journey.

When the course starts, the instructor will welcome everyone and provide an overview of the course content, along with a workbook. Throughout the course, the instructor will share information, videos and exercises related to the topic. There will also be an opportunity for group discussions, though your participation is always optional.

Two trainers co-facilitate each course – one is an expert by profession and the other is an expert by experience. Both are available for questions and support during and after the course.

Courses are delivered virtually or in-person. Be sure to check the location of each course in the course description!

Anyone aged 16+ affected by mental health challenges (including substance use concerns) who want to learn about their own recovery journey and wellness.

All of our courses are open to everyone at all levels and at all stages of recovery. All we require is an open mind and a willingness to participate.

Those who are supporting a family or friend, as well as people working in the mental health field, are welcome to attend. No referral or prior experience is needed.

If you need help registering, please contact 403-297-1402 or email us at

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